On Jan 24. Fountain, a value-for-value podcasting platform, announced a new partnership with ZEBEDEE, a financial services company that helps monetize games and apps, to enable Bitcoin (BTC) micropayments for podcast listeners.

Oscar Merry, the founder and CEO of Fountain, called the ability to listen to a podcast and earn money for it, a powerful combo and the future of content creation.

“A few years from now, we’ll look back at paid subscriptions for content platforms that aren’t related to how much we actually use those platforms and laugh at how basic and inefficient it was. ”

Additionally, through the partnership with ZEBEDEE, users don’t need to know anything about cryptocurrencies to take advantage of the rewards through debit and credit card integrations.

The CEO told Cointelegraph that through the use of the Bitcoin Lightning Network specifically, instant, permissionless, and low-fee payments can be programmed that work both within the Fountain app and other open RSS standards.

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According to Merry, such a development connects a “fragmented podcasting industry” which currently operates across numerous unsynchronized apps and hosting providers.

He went on to highlight that every minute spent viewing ads and consuming or creating content increases a platform’s value.

“Why shouldn’t you participate in the financial upside of the value you create on the platform?”

As developers continue to prioritize utility in new protocols, adoption of emerging technologies becomes almost unnoticeable. Recently, a “party-to-earn” initiative targeted the electronic music industry to create a currency that is universal across festival goers, clubbers and fans.

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