FX Gaming’s PvP CryptoFights Soaring to Massive Growth Status, Says Leader Adam Kling, Praising the BSV Community’s Scalability.

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What a unique dilemma for CryptoFights. It’s place as the  biggest game in the BSV ecosystem enables it to no longer need to struggle to attract an audience.  Going with the Bitcoin SV was a gamble that more than paid for itself. 

That Bitcoin SV is undisputedly the only blockchain that can scale unbounded to meet enterprise needs isn’t in question, but if it ever was, CryptoFights proved it beyond any doubt. The game has processed more daily transactions than the entire blockchain ecosystem, from Ethereum and Solana to BTC and Cardano, combined on many days this year. Adam Kling, the Fyx Gaming CEO, was on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream this week to talk about the blockchain game and everything else in the sector.

CryptoFights has grown over the years and is today synonymous with the growth that the Bitcoin SV ecosystem has experienced over the past few years. But as Kling told host Kurt Wuckert Jr., it was terrifying back when he decided to migrate from Ethereum to BSV. Back then, the BSV ecosystem wasn’t as big, and choosing it over Ethereum looked like a risky decision. Today, Kling is grateful that he was brave enough to take the leap.

Blockchain gaming has been around for a number of years. However, it feels like it’s just getting started. Previously, developers cared little about creating games that actually work, and that can scale to accommodate millions.

“The on-chain game play was very surface-level. There’s a party going on, who cares about something that works?” Kling said.

It’s changed over the past couple of years, with games like CryptoFights showing the world that a game can be fully on-chain and still scale seamlessly.

“We’re ahead of the curve, and not just us [CryptoFights] but the entire BSV ecosystem,” Kling noted.

For a long time, BSV has been the black sheep of the blockchain family and has been attacked relentlessly from all angles. While painful, Kling believes this has been a blessing in disguise. It has allowed the ecosystem to focus on creating applications that work, not for the hype or selling tokens.

CryptoFights has become the biggest game in the BSV ecosystem. With it has come the question of whether it’s licensing its technology to bigger gaming companies or scaling to become a giant in the industry itself. As Kling revealed, he’s leaning towards the former. Being one of the earliest entrants into the space, Fyx Gaming has had to build most of the infrastructure needed from the ground up.

“…when they [gaming giants] have a solution, I want to be the ‘how’ they can put a game on-chain,” he said.

For now, the company is focusing on making the gaming experience seamless for users. Kling revealed that he had expanded his team of late, bringing in new faces who’ve previously worked at Ubisoft, the French giant behind Assassin’s Creed.

In a few months, “it’s going to be completely different. What you see now on CryptoFights is like kitty compared to how massive the game is going to feel after this.”

Fyx Gaming is also “looking to start dabbling with its token marketplace.”

While most blockchain games struggle to attract an audience, Kling’s problem is unique—CryptoFights has more users than it can handle sometimes. Currently, Kling is focused on increasing the number of people who can play concurrently, revealing that the game sometimes has hundreds of people in the waiting room awaiting their turn to join the fun.

Away from his own company, Kling is a big fan of TokenSwap, a platform that has brought DeFi to BSV. He also commended Xiaohui Liu and his team at sCrypt for their great work pushing Bitcoin ahead while giving a special shout-out to Michal Scislowski and his team at Soundoshi.

Kling believes that while the BSV ecosystem is growing, it still has a long way to go. The community needs to grow much more, which will allow entrepreneurs in the ecosystem to gain the same benefits their peers in the other blockchain ecosystem have. As an illustration, he revealed that his company would have held a token sale on a BSV launchpad if enough companies were going this route.

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