P2E Games & Tournaments Bring Real Earning Opportunities To MeLand Users

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The roadmap for MeLand includes skins and lands as well as a variety of other NFT resources. In order to reward players, the developers have included on their menu, games, mini-puzzles and quizzes with varying levels of complexity.  MeLand is prepared for greater user growth and engagement by utilizing the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon ecosystem.

  • The game will include mini-puzzles and quizzes, with MELD token on Binance Smart Chain.
  • MeLand is transparent about its development process.

MeLand aims to offer a simple model with appealing earnings, by relying on quizzes and puzzle games. The earnings model is based on learn-to-earn, answering questions of varied complexity to gain tokens and advance.

MeLand has altered its reward system, aiming to achieve a better balance and retain players.

The goal of MeLand is to scale by offering tools to create content and user-generated questions and quizzes. MeLand is transparent about its roadmap, with the next two steps being a P2P server and NFT staking.

Additionally, MeLand is working on PvP battles to add to the metaverse element of the game.

MeLand remains a game to watch, as it is yet to release a full working version. MeLand is an example of a game in progress, still tapping renewed interest in up and coming P2E games. The most attractive features include early access to NFT or tokens, or exclusive tournaments and earnings opportunities.

Most of the features of MeLand are in the idea stage, and the game offers basic presence on Binance Smart Chain. The full capabilities of the game are expected in the coming months. MeLand enters a market where mini-games and puzzles are working toward successful games. Platforms like Gameta and Legends of RPS are highly successful for their simple, idle model with the potential for tokenization.

MeLand is based on the Polygon ecosystem, though still with limited smart contract interaction. But the game has built its infrastructure of NFT smart contracts, preparing for user growth.

The game aims to offer skins and lands as its basic NFT resources, though most of the items are at the idea stage and still in development.

MELD Token at the Ready

MELD is one of the rare P2E tokens which has been launched, but lacks publicity and has not shown any rallies. MELD trades at $0.0002, awaiting its turn to be used within the game ecosystem.

The MELD token has been distributed to 9,261 wallets and is prepared to work as the primary reward within the game.

Via this site  //play2moon.com/meland-improves-resource-and-reward-system/

Via this site