ClearCryptos Platform/Complete User Convenience With Thorough Education And Analytics Minus Security Risks

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Cryptocurrencies are still relatively new, and many users are unaware of the technical underpinnings of how they work.  Investing more wisely can be challenging when users  lack this basic understanding.

The all-in-one approach at the foundation of next gen crypto investment platforms

The ongoing FTX saga has injected more uncertainty into an already shaken market. If it was not clear already, even the biggest centralized exchanges can fail. The problem is multi-faceted. On the one hand, just like in traditional finance, centralized institutions are only as good as the people who run them. When investors use services like FTX, they are putting their trust in the people that run the service. Unfortunately, history is rife with examples of powerful people taking advantage of that trust.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency is still very new. The vast majority of crypto users are not well-versed in all of the technical underpinnings of how things work. For most, digital assets are simply an alternative means of investing and therefore the most convenient solutions are often the most popular ones.

However, considering how young the industry is, it is going through a number of growing pains, which even the most well-established platforms are subject to. The key to righting the ship and protecting users as they navigate these new waters may be educating them and providing them with as many tools as possible.

Everything a user needs in one place

Combining convenient, centralized services with streamlined DeFi offerings gives users access to the best of both worlds. What is more, supplementing the financial products a platform offers with a varied and through educational element is also important.

The cryptocurrency space offers a wide variety of investment opportunities, however, users need a certain level of onboarding before they can take advantage of these tools. This is why more and more financial service providers in the space are launching academies and educational arms to help their customers make smarter investments.

Understanding what the tools in front of you can help you achieve is the first step to building a strong crypto portfolio. And especially in volatile times like the ones the industry is experiencing at the moment, having the knowledge to navigate the space of utmost importance.

Pioneering the all-in-one approach

The all-in-one approach in crypto is a sure way to give users access to all types of financial tools and resources they need to create a strong portfolio of assets. That is the approach taken by ClearCryptos, an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform that aims to cater to all of its’ users investment needs – from a varied portfolio of investment tools, through an educational and analytics platform to support sound investment logic.

In terms of financial services, ClearCryptos has pooled together 50 different platforms that all perform various functions. Each platform has been thoroughly vetted before getting integrated into the service and offered to users. By curating projects that are worthy of its user base and bringing unique value to the service, ClearCrypto has been able to kill two birds with one stone, by giving users convenience without forcing them to sacrifice security. These integrations also bring the full suite of products ClearCrpyots offers, including a token swap and fiat on and off-ramps.


But ClearCryptos has not made a name for itself just on the strength of the financial services it offers. The key to success for the project has been building a comprehensive educational platform so that its users not only have a wide array of options available to them, but they are able to understand fully what they are engaged in and make decisions that protect and benefit themselves. With a rich library of educational videos, tutorials and breakdowns of recent events in crypto, ClearCryptos offers a comprehensive overview of the whole space for investors who are just starting out.

On the convenience end, the service has a number of fiat on-ramps that allow its user to easily deposit funds in their native currencies to the platform as well as withdraw them back into their bank accounts. These fiat on-ramps are connected to the ClearCryptos Swap, a decentralized aggregated swap mechanism which also sports reduced transaction fees for anyone who holds CCX, the native token of the ClearCryptos platform. ClearCryptos is the only service of its kind to offer decentralized fiat on-ramps and fiat off-ramps to residents of the US. This has been made possible thanks to a groundbreaking partnership the project has forged with Plaid, Silia KYC and Evolve Bank.

The importance of education and analytics

On the analytical side of things, ClearCryptos has developed its own in-house platform. ClearCryptos Analytics is billed as “the Google of crypto,” and provides a wealth of information that is easily digestible and applicable for users of varying expertise levels. The platform was able to launch thanks to a strategic partnership with TradingView, a leader in market trend and price movement analysis.

All of these tools and services are complemented by a library of comprehensive educational material that includes over 400 videos and numerous FAQs and walkthroughs. With this wealth of resources, ClearCryptos has attempted to make good on its mission to make sure that its users not only have all the tools they need, but they know how to use them safely and to their own advantage.

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