Another Significant Step Forward, Binance Prioritizes Future Financial Safety for Crypto Users & Investors

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Binance today announced that it has formed a new Global Advisory Board (GAB) comprised of world leaders and experts in public policy, government, finance, economics, and corporate governance.

The Global Advisory Board members come from eight countries, each having held leadership positions in the finance and governance sectors. Hailing from the U.S., Latin America, Africa and Europe, the board members will advise Binance on complex regulatory, political, and social issues the entire crypto industry faces.

Chaired by former US Senator and Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, the GAB recently convened in Paris, France. The board will advise Binance on complex regulatory, political, and social issues the entire crypto industry faces as it grows and evolves at a fast pace.

“Of all the technologies with the potential to create positive disruption, the world of crypto, blockchain, and Web3 is among the most exciting and the most promising,” Baucus said. “That’s why it is a great pleasure to participate in setting up the Binance Global Advisory Board, and bringing the group’s unrivaled collective expertise to bear in solving complex problems with a socially positive outcome.”

Besides Baucus, the GAB members include finance experts such as Ibukun Awosika, the first female Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria; Bruno Bézard, managing partner of Cathay Capital and former economic advisor to the French Prime Minister; Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the New Development Bank; and David Wright, Chair of EUROFI.

Former government officials on the board include Henrique de Campos Meirelles, former Minister of the Economy and former President of the Central Bank of Brazil; Adalberto Palma, former Senior Advisor at the Chief of Staff Office to the President of Mexico; David Plouffe, Former Campaign Manager Senior Advisor to President Obama in the White House; Christin Schäfer, Member of the Data Ethics Commission, German Federal Government; Lord Vaizey, former UK Minister and Member of Parliament; and HyungRin Bang, advisor of the Korea Presidential Committee.

With the GAB’s collective experience, Binance is tapping on the board’s expertise to manage sensitive regulatory and compliance issues facing crypto, blockchain, and Web3 and ensuring a collaborative relationship with the world’s regulators as they develop regulations worldwide.

In July, the European Union agreed on a compromise to regulate the NFT market while the SEC launched an investigation into NFTs to establish a basis for regulation in March.

“For the past five years, Binance has been at the forefront of pioneering the exciting new world of crypto, blockchain, and Web3,” said Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao. “In that time, we’ve tackled complex issues no one even knew existed. We’ve maintained our focus throughout on delivering compliance solutions that protect the interests of crypto users, while keeping a brisk pace of socially-beneficial innovation. The GAB represents the next big step forward in our journey to share the benefits of modern finance and the blockchain with the entire world.”

Three Ways Regulation Would Be Good

  1.  More Stability in the Market
  2. Increase in Investor Protection and Confidence
  3. Safer Crypto Ecosystem

The New GAB members include:

  • Max Baucus, USA – Former U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China; Former U.S. Senator Montana; Former Chairman of Senate Committee on Finance

  • Ibukun Awosika, Nigeria – First Female Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria; Founder, The Chair Centre group; Chairman, Nigerian Advisory Board, for Impact Investing and Convention on Business Integrity; Member G7 International Task Force for impact investing; Author of several books

  • HyungRin Bang, Korea – Advisor of the Korea Presidential Committee;  PR/Communications Advisor of Yoon Seuk-Yul’s 2022 Presidential Campaign; Former CEO, SoftForum Inc.; Former Executive Director, Hyundai; Former Executive Director, Samsung

  • Bruno Bézard,France – Managing partner of Cathay Capital; Former Economic Advisor to the French Prime Minister; Former Head of the French Treasury; Former CEO of the French Government Shareholding Agency

  • Leslie Maasdorp, South Africa – Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the New Development Bank. Former MD and President for Southern Africa at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Former Vice Chairman of Barclays Capital. Former International Adviser to Goldman Sachs
  • Henrique de Campos Meirelles, Brazil – Former Minister of the Economy, Former President of the Central Bank of Brazil, Former Chair of J&F’s board of directors, Former Member of the Board of Directors of Azul Brazilian Airlines, Former President, Bank Boston; Former President of Global Banking, Fleetboston Financial;  Former Board member, Raytheon Corporation, Bestfoods and Champion International. Former Member of the Council of Lloyd’s of London; Former Chairman of Lazard Americas
  • Adalberto Palma, Mexico – Honorary Board Member of The Aspen Institute Mexico; Former Senior Advisor at the Chief of Staff Office to the President of Mexico; Director of Business Development at BEworksMX Consulting; Former President of the CNBV; Founding Chairman of The Center for Excellency in Corporate Governance. Independent Director of the Institute for Savings Protection; President of Bankers Trust Mêxico, Colombia and Venezuela; Managing Director of Citibank Mexico

  • David Plouffe, USA – Business, Non-Profit and Political strategist; Author, Member of Various Boards of Directors; Former Campaign Manager Senior Advisor to President Obama in the White House

  • Christin Schäfer, Germany – Founder and Managing Director of acs plus; Former Group Risk Operating Officer, Erste Group Bank; Former Global Head of Quantitative Solutions, Deutsche Bank, Member of the Data Ethics Commission, German Federal Government

  • Lord Vaizey, UK – Member of the House of Lords; Former Minister and Member of Parliament

  • David Wright, Europe – Chair, EUROFI; Former Secretary General, IOSCO, Former European Commission; Deputy Director General Financial markets, European Commission

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