According to Robert Kiyosaki in 2013, There Would Be a Bigger Market Crash in Near Future. It’s Here He Warns, the Real McCoy!

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Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki warns that the US economy is facing down the massive headwinds of a “triple bubble.”

Kiyosaki tells his 2.71 million YouTube subscribers that the US is currently facing a real estate bubble, a stock market bubble and a bond bubble simultaneously.

Says the popular investor,

“2008 was [a] great time to get rich. Everything went on sale. Borrowed millions of dollars buying real estate bargains. 2013, I published Rich Dad’s Prophecy predicting BIGGER crash coming. THAT CRASH is HERE. Millions will be wiped out. [Please] do not be one of them. Time you get richer.”

Kiyosaki also argues to his two million Twitter followers that investors need to change their investment mindset before adjusting their portfolios.

“Its not what’s in your wallet. It’s what’s in your head? All markets crashing: real estate, stocks, gold, silver, Bitcoin. Middle class wiped out by higher oil inflation. Yet rich are getting richer. Difference in head not wallet. Change WHAT’S IN YOUR HEAD FIRST…then get richer.”

In late June when Bitcoin (BTC) was trading below $20,000, Kiyosaki said he was waiting to buy the leading crypto asset at a massively discounted price.

“RICH Dad lesson: ‘LOSERS quit when they lose.’ Bitcoin losers are quitting… Winners learn from their losses. I am waiting for Bitcoin to ‘test’ $1,100. If it recovers, I will buy more. If it does not, I will wait for losers to ‘capitulate,’ quit, then buy more.”

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