12/05/22 – Xclusiverse Mixed Reality Event Featuring 5X Processes Showcase Cross-World Compatible Business Solutions

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Committed to delivering new opportunities to the emerging worlds of web 3.0 and metaverse, XCLUSIVERSE will host a special event, Extend The Unlimited.

A product of consistent and advanced research, XCLUSIVERSE represents an extended reality that leverages on the wisdom of the future while opening a myriad of opportunities. It is also a leading cross-platform in the world defined by the 5X processes—Xtended Reality Platform, Xclusive Physical & Virtual Products & Services, Xtraordinary People, Xciting Interactions, and Xquisite Experiences. XCLUSIVERSE brings the future by adopting practical, state-of-the-art solutions to enhance existing businesses.

This platform features a marketplace, 3D design for partners, web 3.0 integration, and customized CMS. These unique products make it an ideal business and personal enhancement tool. Additionally, XCLUSIVERSE has launched a Metaverse for web and VR, with a mobile version in the works.

Extend The Unlimited with XCLUSIVERSE

Scheduled to take place in Dubai and the metaverse, Extend The Unlimited will become the most significant mixed-reality live event. Unlike others, this event will showcase various cross-world compatible activities, like live speeches from KOLs and renowned web 3.0 influencers. A small concert followed by a live auction of The 300—XCLUSIVERSE’s utility NFTs—will ensue.

Anyone with a free XCLUSIVERSE account will receive an exclusive invite to attend Extend The Unlimited on the metaverse or can interact with participants through several portals. Additionally, account owners can decide to explore the beauty that is the metaverse throughout the event.

Slated to kickstart on Monday, December 5, 2022, at 7 PM GST [15:00 UTC], speeches from industry leaders in Dubai will be transmitted in the metaverse, followed by a small concert and the live auction of The 300 utility NFTs.

The 300 Utility NFT Collection

According to the team, the live auction will take place on the XCLUSIVERSE marketplace, meaning that live attendees and metaverse participants can submit and win bids seamlessly. This event will commemorate, albeit on a miniature scale, the mint of The Settlers—a representation of the first 2000 NFTs from The 300 collection.

The 300 NFT collection is minted on the Polygon blockchain and, per the team, is grouped into four distinct categories. The rarest group, the Ambassador, is the only class to be auctioned at the event. On the other hand, the remainder will be available for minting and will grant numerous benefits to holders, depending on their specific traits.

An egg initially represents The 300 NFT collection, but in later stages will evolve into an advanced, wearable item in the metaverse.

Extend The Unlimited with XCLUSIVERSE is an ideal opportunity for web 3.0 and metaverse enthusiasts to listen to KOLs and interact with other participants without leaving the comfort of their homes. It doesn’t stop there; participants can either interact with others through a portal—peculiarly built screens with windows for one-on-one interactions—or explore the metaverse throughout the event.

Scheduled for Monday, December 5, 2022, in Dubai and a live metaverse broadcast, Extend The Unlimited is XCLUSIVERSE’s one-of-a-kind avenue to onboard you as one of the Chosen Ones.

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